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 1987 Smarties Tube
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I have three of these tubes, but one of them is totally different!?!
The first one is dated '1 FEB 87' and is the old traditional construction where you can see a spiral seam all the way round the tube from one end to the other, and the design is in a matt finish.
However, I have another one that looks almost exactly the same but is of a new construction, where the seam runs in a straight line and the design is in a gloss finish.The best before date is also stamped into the base, rather than printed onto it. This is the way that all future tubes would look. The best before date is exactly the same though, '1 FEB 87'.
Here's a thing though. I have a third tube that is of the old construction, but the best before date is ''1 APR 87', two months after the new style tubes went into production. There are a few possible reasons for this, the most likely being a change over period between the machines that made the tubes. It is a bit of an interesting quirk though.    
You can clearly see the different styles of construction between these two tubes, and the difference in colour finish.
This has a best before date stamped into the card disc which says '1 FEB 87'.


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