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1994 Zapping Orange Smarties Tube
There was a special offer with this tube; CLICK
The lid on the left is a standard orange lid from the 1990 standard tube. The lid on the right is from this 1994 zapping orange tube. They look a different colour in this scanned image, but in normal light conditions they look pretty much the same shade. The reason the scanning makes a difference is because the standard lids were more translucent, where as the zapping orange lids seem more substantial. The text is even thicker than on standard lids.
Having said that about the lids, I have aquired some more tubes recently where the lids are the Nestle 'smarties' lids, NOT the 'ROWNTREE' lids. This could be a result of the transfer from the old style lids to the new lids, or it could be that they were swapped at some stage by whoever had them. All I can say is that the lid shown above is the one that came with the 'zapper' tube in my main collection. It is the lid that it had when it came out of the factory.    
Forget the tubes.This is what it's all about...the SMARTIES!!!! The orange Smarties in these tubes had the word ZAP written on them. Orange Smarties have always tasted of orange, but if I remember correctly these ones...had more ZAP to them! Infact the tubes state 'super strength orange flavoured milk chocolate in orange coloured crisp sugar shells'. I have some, but I don't think I will try one now!


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