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Smarties Biscuits
The have been loads of spin off products in recent years and quite a lot are made under licence by other companies.These biscuits, however, are straight off the Nestle production lines. They were around in 2004 / 2005, but I have not seen them in a while, so I think production has ceased. They came in 125g bags, of which I have four different designs. Best before 30/04/2005.

These were described as 'Crisp biscuit with a chocolate flavoured filling and covered with a coloured candy coating'. They were essentially large Smarties with a flat, biscuit base. I still cannot decide whether I liked them or not!

Anyway. The packaging is very funky and is the same style as on the back of French mini-boxes of the same period. It featured three characters called Smartina, Smartin and Will. The backs of the packets had pictures with lots of Will's brothers and sisters hiding in them. The challenge was to find them all...presumably while eating your biscuits.
This is the front of the bag.
There was a key on the front of each bag that showed you how many 'Wills' to look for in the picture, which was on the back of the bag.
Here are the four different designs. Can you spot all the Wills? There are 6 in the top left picture, 5 top right, 4 bottom left and 3 bottom right. If the pictures are too small for you, simply right click and save them to your computer. They should open up at twice the size!


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