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WHITE smarties with WHITE CHOCOLATE inside...yummy! Not all the smarties were
white though. They were simply added to the tubes in roughly the same proportion as
the other smarties. The white smarties are a big clue that Nestle had just aquired
Rowntree Mackintosh, as white chocolate is Nestle's speciality. However, there is still
no NESTLE emblem on the tube. The lid for the tube is white, and is the traditional
ROWNTREE one. There was also a prize draw to win a smarties 'rotator tube' puzzle,
between the dates of 02/07/90 and 06/09/90. Click here to see one. Best before '1
MAY 91'.
As far as I am aware, the white lids that appeared on these tubes were the ONLY white ROWNTREE lids...ever. A real collector's item.


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