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1995 / 96 - Smartian Smarties Mini-Boxes
Here are the 1996 Limited Edition 'Smartian' Smarties mini boxes. How do we know they are from 1996 though? There is no best before date on the boxes. Well, there was also a promotion on the standard sized Smarties tubes at the time. There are a few things to see in relation to the tubes:
1. The tubes themselves
2. The Limited Edition lids
3. The Limited Edition Smartian Smarties
4. The Smartian Figurines
The fact that the box has Nestle Rowntree on it gives a reasonable indicator of the age, but if you visit the pages dedicated to the tubes you will see that the date is not in question.
On the reverse of the boxes was a design. There were SIX different designs, and as you can see I have all six!


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