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Smarties Mini-Boxes
Most of these mini / fun-size boxes have designs on the back. Click the boxes to see them.
This Smarties box is actually one of 27. On the back of each box is a scene from Steven Speilberg's 1982 film, "E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial". I have 12 out of the 27 designs. Click the box to see them. There is no date on the boxes, but 1982 would be a fair guess! There is a serial number stamped into one of the end flaps: 323A.
I need some help here. I have 25 different space designs from this set, but there seem to be more as some of them fit together to make bigger pictures and there are definately some missing. Also, I do not know whether the designs advertise a TV series, or whether they were created especially for Smarties. Serial: 520E. More pictures soon...  
The design on the front is the same as the previous boxes, but I have shown the other side this time as there is no special design on it. The box has a darker brown