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Smarties from Canada
Do you eat the red ones last? Is this a patriotic thing?
This is a long, thin, broad, 84g, WOW! SIZE box that a friend brought me back from Canada in 2005. The box was full, so I felt duty bound to compare the contents to UK Smarties. Sure enough, they were different. They were very sweet and I preferred them to the UK Smarties, which ironically I never really rated!
This is a 50g box. It celebrates Smarties becoming 'Canada's number 1 candy coated chocolate'. That's probably the same in the UK, but I haven't seen any national flags on Smarties. Maybe one day? Anyway, the box is a very striking design with reflective red foil in the Maple leaves and round the 'eh?' on the front. I bought this box in 2006, having been told that it was from 2005/06.
These are the Smarties inside the box. All of them either red or white. The red is a special edition shade, and some of the white Smarties have the Canadian Maple leaf printed on them. A nice touch.
The back / underside of the box.
This Canadian Smarties bar is similar to the ones we have in the UK. At 45g it is the same weight as the regular UK bars, but it is peanut butter flavour. Absolutely delicious! I don't know whether or not these have been available in the UK, but they SHOULD be! There is no best before date, but I ate it this year (2006).


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