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The history of the international tubes / packets is not easy to map out without first hand knowledge. Many of the tubes have been given to me by friends, and I did not always make a note of which tube came from where. Then there is the language barrier, ie the writing on the tubes. My basic grasp of French and German helps, but then Italian, Spanish, Portuguese add to the complexity, aswell as languages that do not use the Western Alphabet. Often there are several languages on one tube, though it may have been made in, for example, the UK or Germany.

This final point about production does help though. In the case of Germany the early Smarties were made in the UK, but then production shifted to Hamburg in the old West Germany before moving to Frankfurt in the united Germany. In addition to giving us a history lesson, this method of rolling out production shows how the Smarties brand started in the UK, where it was then exported to increasingly more countries. I presume that simple economics dictated that new factories were created in other countries once the brand had established itself. Another thing that sems to happen is that countries get lumped together, so several countries will share one tube. However, once the market has grown enough in one country it seems that it then gets it's own packaging, even if the Smarties are being produced in elsewhere.
Click the tube to see a joint page for Australia and New Zealand.
Click the Smarties image to see my collection of Canadian Smarties products.
There are three pages dedicated to French Smarties items. Click the tube to go to the main page...
My collection of Smarties items contains several German tubes and a German mini-box. The items date from the 1970's to the present day. Click the box to see these pieces of history.
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Just like the Smarties tubes and mini-boxes we have in the UK, but made by a Japanese company called Meiji .This is the back of one of the mini boxes. Click it to see more boxes and a tube.
New Zealand
Click the tube to see a joint page for New Zealand and Australia.
Republic Of Ireland
I only have one Irish Smarties tube, which my parents brought back from the USA ! The tube was made in the UK for export to the Republic Of Ireland (ROI). This tube has a promotion for SMYTHS Superstores. There were toy vouchers inserted into some of the tubes so you could win instantly. There were 500 vouchers to find, each worth 50 Euros. Best Before 01/03/06.
Saudi Arabia
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South Africa
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South America
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