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German Smarties Page
All the Smarties packets on this page were made either for or in Germany. Read on to find out more.
1970's Tube
I got this tube second hand, just like most of my non-UK items. This tube really had me foxed for a while. Click it to see why. Made in the UK. Best Before ??
1980's Mini-Box
I do not have an exact date for this Smarties mini box, but it is German and probably from the early / mid 1980's. Must be part of a set, but I only have this one.
1980's Tube
Here is a real piece of history. A German Smarties tube, made in West Germany (remember the Berlin Wall anyone?), in the late 1980's. To be more precise, it was made by Rowntree Mackinsh in Hamburg in 1986. Best before date is September 1987.
CLICK the tube to see other details on this 33g tube, including the lid.
1993 Tube
A new 40g size tube, and a design more similar to UK tubes, though the background is still white. This tube certainly went to other European countries. I remember seeing these in Holland when I was a teenager. Best before 22/10/1993.
1994 / 5 Tube
A slight variation on a theme. Apart from the Smarties design being slightly different, the languages on the tube are different, but I do not recognise any of them! Still made in Germany though. Best before 13/01/1995.
1998 Tube
A lovely bright design on this 40g tube. Best before 13/06/1998.
2004 Tube
Best before 28/03/2004. Click the tube to see more.
2006 Tube
Best before 20/03/2006. Click the tube.


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