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smarties SECRETS - 1998
There is a lot on this page. One of my favourites!
These Smarties were, quite There were the usual eight colours, but five of them had designs on them. The only three that didn't were red, orange and brown. There were twelve different designs, which featured on all of the other five colours. You can see all the designs below, as well as the inner bag (not to scale) which contained the smarties...and a huge speckled Smartie. There were four of these monster smarties in each bag, and they were made of fruit flavoured white chocolate! There were approximately 32 of the standard smarties in the bag.
The inner bag.
The design on one of the smarties was the same as the 'S' emblem on the inner bag.
This is that large, speckled, fruit flavoured, white chocolate Smartie.
I have not included the full comic strip adventure because it takes up a load of webspace!

I have a couple of different adventures in my collection.


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