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Smarties Bags 1  2
Smarties Bags 1  2
More than just ordinary smarties bags here. There are actually difference kinds of Smarties...GIANT, mini, BIG FLAVAS, Secrets. But they all come in bags. Some of the images are linked to more detailed pages. Click them where you can...
I recently ( 2005 ) aquired this wrapper when I bought a job lot of tubes. It is the first time I have kept a different smarties wrapper. This plastic bag contained GIANT smarties. On the reverse it states that these are PURRRFECT FOR BIG KIDS. This looks like an attempt at winning adult consumers. Best before 01/02/1998.
More GIANT smarties. I think these bags were around 45g. It doesn't state this on the packet, but I have worked it out from the nutritional information on the back of the packet. Best Before 01/05/2000.
These smarties seemed to have had a cult following, probably due to the separate comic book that was in every pack. There were eight to collect. There were also two kinds of smarties in the bags. These were regular smarties and GIANT STRAWBERRY SPECKLED smarties. Written on the back of the packs was 'YOUR MISSION' to 'Join the S.M.A.R.T Ranger in the comic adventure and use the special Smarties to outwit the evil C.H.A.O.S controller. You will need to train to improve your powers and must then solve the ultimate code. GOOD LUCK.'  Inspiring stuff. Also written on the back is this; only smarties have the SECRETS. Best before 01/04/1998.Click the packet.
These are essentially egg shaped Smarties, but quite a bit bigger. Dare I say they are like Cadbury's mini-eggs?! This bag contained 100g.   Best before 01/10/2005.
Here are some more Smarties mini eggs, but this time they are fruit flavoured and chewy! This bag contained 100g. Best before 01/12/2005.
An Easter Bunny with attitude! (Detail from the back of the packet)
I made comparisons with Cadburys mini-eggs above. Now I'm going to say SKITTLES. I don't know whether you can still buy Skittles or not, but these Fruity Smarties are very much like them. However, there is a big difference. The flavours don't match the coloures eg blue ones might taste like lemon etc! There is also an interesting cross-promotion on the back of the packet for ROWNTREES Fruit Pastilles and Fruit Gums. That's right, ROWNTREES, not Nestle. These are two of only a handful products to retain the ROWNTREE name.
Best Before 01/02/2006
Detail from back of the packet.
This is a small packet (not in proportion to the paket above) of mini Smarties. I am guessing around 15g. These are the same as original Smarties, only mini! Best before 01/03/2006.
Smarties Bags 1  2


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