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Page created 30/10/2006
This page is dedicated to French Smarties items. I recently aquired some original French Smarties advertisements from magazines. These are great because they allow me to date older tubes from not just France, but from other countries as well! A really lucky find, and they even have old Asterix and Micky Mouse cartoons on the back!
I have recently acquired four old advertisements from French magazines. I appologise for the picture quality, but they take up a lot of storage space so I had to save the images at a low resolution.

The first two posters are from the 1970's though there is no date on them. However, I can tell by the artwork that they are 1970's as the tubes in the pictures match the tubes shown in the third poster, which I DOES have a date on it...
The poster on the bottom left is from 1977 or shortly after. I know this because the Mickey Mouse cartoon on the reverse side of it has some sort of copyright claim dated 1977. The design style of this poster is the same as the poster shown top right, so they are probably from the same year.
The poster top left looks like it could be older, but I would still guess mid to late 1970's.
The poster bottom left has an offer that ends on July 4th 1982. The design on the tube is clearly different from the 1970's tubes, but is similar to a German tube that I have. I did not previously have an accurate date for that tube so it's good to have another piece of the jigsaw!
Not a tube, but a French box that was full of mini Smarties. On the reverse of the each box is a picture, which forms part of a much larger picture when you combine 36 different boxes. Click the image to see the picture. I bought most of the set while on holiday in France in 2005, and now have the complete set. Best before 11/12/2005.
This is a French Smarties tube with a best before date of 06/03/2006. There are four different coloured lids, which have lower case letters on the underside. The tubes are very bright and there are even POKEMON style characters on the reverse of the box. Click the tube to see many more details.


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