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Medium Sized Smarties Boxes
This is a medium sized box which I first saw in early 2005. It is a totally new style to the other smarties boxes, as it has a flip top lid much like the HEXATUBE. There is something else about this item though...the smarties are not REAL smarties! Nestle may argue differently, but I stick by my guns on this one. The box states FRUITY SMARTIES, but the sweets bear no resemblance to smarties. At the risk of legal action, these things are actually like another sweet I knew as a young lad...SKITTLES. They are little, chewy, fruit flavoured sweets with NO CHOCOLATE in them at all! We have had fruit flavoured smarties before, but they were REAL smarties, not these sweets which are totally different and simply branded with the smarties name. End of rant. Here is the box. Best Before 01/11/2005. ( I'll probably get away with the law-suit as I do stacks of free advertising for Nestle Rowntree ! )
This is a promotional tube linked to the 2005 remake of Roald Dahl's 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory'. There were five family trips to America up for grabs...if only you could get your hands on a Golden Ticket. Best Before 01/05/2006


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