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UK Tubes 1  2  3  4  5
I am starting to have quite an extensive collection of other UK Smarties wrappers. My main interest is the standard sized tubes. However, I occasionally pick up other items. Larger images and other content can be accessed by clicking on the main wrapper images.  
Mini Boxes
Mini or 'fun-size' boxes now account for a very significant part of my collection. Click the image of the small box to take you to a dedicated page for small boxes.
Medium Boxes
Click the image of the medium box to take you to a dedicated page for medium boxes.
Large Boxes
Updated February 2008. This page now contains a lot more images and information about 160g and 1/4lb boxes. See one of the earliest boxes and compare it to the very latest designs.

Click the image of the large box to take you to a dedicated page for large boxes.
Bags (Pages: 1  2 )
I have a growing collection of bags which are increasingly popular. As you can see by the image on the left, some of the bags are slightly unusual. Click the image to go to the dedicatated pages.
Multi-Tube Packs
Not mind blowingly collectable items, but they are unique in design and add something to the bigger picture. A few images showing the multi-tube pack wrappers. Click the image to see my small collection.
There have been a few new product lines, which I don't think have done that well. However, the bars are very tasty and have been around a while now. Click on the image to go to a dedicated page.
Novelty sweets, biscuits, cakes...and pumpkins!
I have started to update this section. There will be several more entries over the coming weeks.


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