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Smarties - The Smartie Tube
This site originally started as a point of reference for anyone who might be interested in the history of Smarties, especially in relation to my collection of UK Smartie tubes. The site has now expanded to include other Smarties items, including Smartie lids, other types of Smarties packaging, promotional items and tubes from around the world.
Most of the content is linked through the images, but some items can be accessed by clicking links at the tops of the pages. If you have any questions or comments please contact me at
By clicking the on the large red link below you can access the old home page. This is still the most popular page and a good place to start. It is the first page of UK Smarties tubes. If you want to skip that page, just click on one of the links further down this page. They will take you to other areas, which all link back to this HOME page.  
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See my main collection, which has Smarties tubes dating back to the 1950's. Learn about smarties history as you go along and see how my collection started and developed.
Most people know about smarties lids. Unfrotunately they are now a thing of the past, but you can see some good examples here.
NOTE  All images on this site have been created by me, unless specifically stated otherwise.
See the sweets them-selves and the various designs and colours from over the years.
International tubes / packaging
See smarties related items from around the world!
Smarties do not just come in small tubes. Here you can see a wide variety of different Smarties wrappers and products. There are alot in my collection and they do not yet all feature on this site, so keep watching.
Smarties HISTORY
This section is under construction. Keep visiting for updates...
Image supplied by a friend.
WANTED Click Here
I have a page dedicated to items that I would like to add to my collection. Take a look and see if you can help me out...please.
Image taken from auction site.
SWAPS  See them here
I have tubes that I am willing to swap, and the odd lid as well. I don't have a vast array, so would really want to swap carefully for something that I want. I may be willing to sell aswell if the price is right. (Now up to date 22/09/06)
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If you want the latest news about Smarties, or you would like to see what has changed on my site, look at the UPDATES pages first.
CHARITY  Want to help any charity with your old smarties tubes. See how here
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