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Smarties Bars
...or 'mini Smarties in Milk Chocolate' as it says on the wrappers.
The bars are delicious! They come in various sizes and two main varieties: white and milk chocolate.
This was one of ten bars out of a multi pack. It is a 'snack size' and weighs 10g. Best before 01/02/2006.
This is the 45g version. Best before 11/11/2005.
Another 45g bar, this time with white chocolate. Best before 07/07/2005.
This isn't a UK's from Canada. It is the same weight at 45g, but it's peanut butter flavour. Absolutely delicious. I don't know whether or not these have been available in the UK, but they SHOULD be! There is no best before date, but I ate it this year (2006). Click the image to take you to a dedicated Canadian Smarties page on this site.
This is the big brother of Smarties Bars. It weighs in at a tasty 150g. Best before 13/07/2005.
And here it is in white chocolate. Another 150g of yummyness! Best before 02/02/2006.
Here's a cross-promotion from the back of the packet, advertising Smarties Biscuits. Nestle have been doing this on a lot of their products. I think this one flopped though as I only saw them for a short time. I couldn't make up my mind as to whether I liked them or not. They had cool pictures on the back though. I've dedicated a page to them. Click the image to take you to the right place.


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