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Smarties Tube Multi Pack Wrappers
Do you remember reading about the NINE tubes in the WHODUNNIT limited run? See page 2 of the UK tubes pages. There were nine clues leading to the identity of the thief who had stolen the blue smarties. Well on this muti pack wrapper (which contained three tubes) there is a TENTH clue! I only have one of these multi wrappers, but I'm guessing that there are anything between three and nine different clues on the multiwrappers. ...CLUE...The robber isn't a cow but he could be a goat..
This pack contained four standard smarties tubes. Best before 01/01/2006.
50% Extra Free. That is 6 tubes for the price of 4. Sweet! Best before 01/02/2006.
The tubes inside this special edition wrapper were just ordinary tubes, no special design. However, there were golden tickets to be found, which was a commercial tie-in with the film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Among the prizes were chances to win trips to chocolate factories in the USA. Best before 01/04/2006.
The new HEXATUBES. A pack of four. Flippin hexcellent! Best before 01/07/2006.


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