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Smarties: The History and The Facts
Actually, before we get into great detail, I thought I'd give you a time line, clearly illustrating the history of Smarties artwork on standard tubes / boxes. These are NOT Special Editions, which can be seen elsewhere on this site. As this is the Smarties Tube Gallery, I am showing you the history in tube designs, but I have also added the odd box so that you can see that the artwork was the same on different types of packaging. The first two images are borrowed from a fellow collector.
Shock, horror. All that outcry about Smarties tubes losing their lids...and the original tubes didn't have them anyway! They had tear off lids.
1989 to 1995
1995 to 2001
2001 to 2005
2005 to today
This is a 1930's print of the original tubes and boxes. Again, this is from a fellow collector.


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