160g Smarties Boxes (and similar size)
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Ok...this is larger than than the rest of the boxes on these pages, but it had to go somewhere. I bought this box in 2007, but it is the oldest item in my Smarties collection. The box would have originally contained 4lb (1.8kg) of loose Smarties, and it would have cost 10 1/2D for 1/4lb (115g). These clues help to give an approximate age, but for me the fact that the word 'SMARTIES' is written between inverted commas puts this box in the 1930's. Bear in mind that Smarties were first produced in 1937! The warning on the top is also a big clue. Click the images to get a better look..
I aquired this box in February 2008. However, I believe it dates back to the 1940's. It is in mint condition and the design is lovely and simple. On the lid it states MADE BY ROWNTREE & CO LTD, YORK ENGLAND.

There are no dates on the box, but judging by other items in my collection, I think anytime in the 1940's is a good estimate. The product is described as SMARTIES CHOCOLATE BEANS, and there is a lovely hand-written style font used to say 'made by Rowntrees'. This box contained 1/4lb of Smarties (115g). Not quite the 160g of todays boxes.
If you ask people the colour of Smarties packets, some still say that they are brown! Well this one IS brown and dates back to 1994, with a best before date of 01/07/1995. Contained 160g of Smarties.
11 years after that last brown box, we see this colourful number. There had actually been several design changes, but I just don't have these in my collection. Best before 01/04/2006.

Here we see the front and back panels.
This box is mainly a redesign of the last one, but the Smarties contain no artificial colours! To read more about this development, see the Smarties tubes page 5
Best before 01/05/2007.
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