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This one caused a bit of a stir in the national press...the hexatube. It is the replacement for the standard sized cylindrical tubes. The tube has a clever little flap of card which catches on the flip top lid and keeps it in place after the original cardboard seal has been broken. There is the letter 'S' on the top which presumably stands for Smartie. There is also a picture of an open mouth around the area where the lid opens. When you open the tube, the mouth opens wider and looks like it is catching the Smarties that are part of the tube design. The actual smarties inside the tube also appear to come out of the 'throat' of this mouth design. Best before 01/07/06. Oh, and one other thing...this means no more plastic lids!  
This is possibly the biggest change in the history of smarties. Seriously. The ingredients have changed in a major way...there are now NO ARTIFICIAL    COLOURS! The Smarties are the same size, but the colours have changed shade...and blue is now gone! It was the last colour to be introduced and is what kick started my collection back in 1988. Now blue has gone again and is replaced by WHITE! The other colours are more of a pastel shade compared to their older, bolder cousins. I suppose it means that there will be fewer children mis-behaving as a result of 'E number' overloads! Click the box to see loads more details. There is also a KIDS GO FREE! offer on this tube. Best Before 01/05/07 - 01/06/07.
You have to look carefully to spot the difference on the outside, from the front at least. However, the offer on the previous tube has now ended so the design on the flip lid has changed. Click the tube to see this detail. MORE IMPORTANTLY THOUGH: In the previous tube blue Smarties had been replaced by white Smarties. Now these white Smarties have also gone, so there are only seven colours left! BB - 01/08/2007
In 1986 a tube of Smaties cost 14 pence. 22 years later, the price is 36 pence (more than double). How do we know...the price is part of the design! You do get more Smarties in a box, but only a few more. However, have you noticed that there are LESS Smarties on the outside?! The design features bigger images of Smarties, rather than loads of smaller ones.
Best Before 01/01/2008.
These two tubes will be linked soon....
What more can be said? Quite a the tube to read and see more...


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