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UK Smarties Tubes: Gallery 3
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This tube is quite special, because it's holographic and there are magic tricks printed INSIDE each tube...16 of them! You could also win actual magic trick kits aswell! I have nine different tubes in my collection. Lids were red, green, yellow or orange. Best before dates vary between  01/02/1997 and 01/03/1997. Retail price was 27 pence.
Here is the first tube of a LIMITED EDITION 'SHARK INFESTED' three tube set. Each tube has a witty design and a shark fact. No.1...Hammerhead sharks can be found off the coast of the UK. Scary! There is also a joke; News flash;A ship carrying a cargo of yo yo's was bitten by a shark, it sunk 46 times.   Best before 1 APR 97.
Also. Check out the designs on the smarties. CLICK HERE
No.2...There are around 250 different species of shark.
What's pink and dangerous? Shark infested smarties!!  
Shark Fact No.3...The bullshark is the most dangerous shark in the world.
Joke; What do you get if you cross a shark with a snowball? ...Frost bite!
Great stuff. See the three lids for these designs here
After a period of having the 'best before' date on the base, this standard tube from 1996 has it on the base AND on a white panel on the side of the tube. Click the tube and see for yourself.
Here we have a promotional tie-in with DISNEY. 100 lucky people won trips to DISNEYLAND PARIS. You can see the silhouettes of some of the DISNEY characters on this tube. Best Before 01/09/1997.  
This is a standard tube from 1997. One of the main differences here is that the 'ONLY SMARTIES HAVE THE ANSWER' bubble has been moved to a position just above and to the left of the main 'smarties' caption. The back of the box is also predominantly yellow in colour.  Best Before 01/03/1998.
This tube has a special price of 25 pence. The first price I saw on a tube was when Blue Smarties returned in 1989. The cost of a tube back then was 19pence. The best before date on this tube is 01/04/1998.
This is another 1997 standard tube. However, the best before date is no longer on the main body of the tube and the back panels that were yellow are now white. The best before date is 01/08/1998.
A commercial tie-in with the NICKELODEON childrens television channel and it's most popular cartoon feature, RUGRATS. If you saved eight tokens from special tubes you could send off for a figurine of one of the characters from the series. There are four tubes in this set, each featuring a different character. This one features the dog, SPIKE. Best before '1 FEB 99'.
...and ANGELICA.
Here was a chance to win one of 100 SONY PLAYSTATIONS, complete with 'Cool Boarders 2' game! (check out the cool snow boarding cat). There were 1000 runners up prizes of Smarties Bubble Watches. All you had to do was guess the flavour of the blue smarties ( any suggestions???) and complete the tie-breaker in less tha 12 words; ONLY SMARTIES HAVE THE ANSWER BECAUSE... I don't know about that, but the best before date is '1 OCT 99'. This is also the earliest tube I know of where clear plastic security seals were placed around the lid and the end of the tube.
Yet another link-up with a major animation. This time it was Disney Pixar's feature film 'A BUG'S LIFE'. The TANGY Purple Bug Smarties actually tasted of pineapple, and there was a chance to own a Stunt Kite by sending off 4.99 and four promotional tubes / wrappers. For you lid fans, the tops on these tubes were a one-off pea green colour!  Best before '1 DEC 99'.
This was a feel good tube. There was a picture of a smiling sun, and a smiling cat (or something like that) holding a banner that said 25p. Underneath that was the caption  summer sweeties. Lovely. Best before '1 MAY 00'.  
This tube was full of orange smarties, and we all know that orange smarties taste of orange flavoured chocolate. A winning combination. Best before '1 AUG 00'.
A 'SOCCER SPECIAL'. There were several features to these tubes. 1) They contained smarties that were coloured in relation to various F.A Premiership Teams. The tubes were physically all the same, but contained various colour combinations. 2) The lids had words written on them. I have lids with all eight words. Click here to see them. 3) Some tubes contained a (very small) football that was perfectly safe to eat as it was essentially a mis-shaped smartie. There was also a competition to win one of 500 50 vouchers for JJB Sports Shops. Best before ' 01 DEC 00'.  
UK Smarties Tubes 1  2  3  4  5


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