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UK Smarties Tubes: Gallery 4
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A MAMMOTH saving on these tubes. A special PRICE BREAKERS price of 25pence. Their words, not mine. There's a picture of a yellow mammoth on this tube. Best before '1 DEC 00'
The smarties in these tubes really WERE COLA flavour! The whole tube was printed to make it appear like a can of cola, including the lid, which is an ultra unique silver colour. Click the tube to see all the detail. Best before 01/05/2001.
Another commercial link up with DISNEY. This time you could send of for a DINOSAUR mug with eight special tokens. There was also another set of unique lids in a sort of metalic effect. I have one green lid and one silver lid. Yet another headache for lid collectors as they try to get each colour with every letter of the alphabet! Best before 01/07/2001.
Here's a claim...BIGGEST TUBE EVER (standard tube that is). I'm not too sure about that though. It seems just the same size as previous 'extra free' tubes. However, what I think they were trying to say is that all tubes would now be this larger size...which they were from then on. The box also states 15% Extra Free (previous 'extra ' free' tubes had 10%) but like I said, the tube seems the same size as the others. Maybe there were more smarties? before 01/08/2001.
You don't usually associate chocolate with winter sales, but this tube has a Winter Sale Price Tag of 25pence. The tube is also the new larger standard size. Best before 01/01/2002.
Return of the SMARTIANS. The lids have special smartian designs and are in a limited edition colour. The smarties are also light green candy with an alien face printed on them. Click the tube to see for yourself. Best Before 01/04/2002.
This is the new standard design of tube. The writing is a funky mix of lower and upper case letters, and the smartie images are smudged to give them the appearance of movement. Best before 01/05/2002.
For all white chocolate fans this was a special treat...tubes full of white chocolate 'smarctic frostbite' smarties in shades of blue and white. There is a picture of Jack frost on the front and also the white lid makes a come back. The white lids had not been seen since the old Rowntree lids were once made white in the late 1980's. Best before 01/06/2002.
Another football themed tube. Nothing special about the lids or smarties, but you had to check the inside of the tube. The following things could be found printed on the inside if you were lucky; RED CARD  One of 10 holidays to France, Italy or Spain. YELLOW CARD One of 100 full size football tables. REF'S WHISTLE One of 7500 practice goals. Best before 01/07/2002.
Another special price tube for 25pence. Best before 01/06/2003.
During 2003 / 2004 a television show called Pop Idol was very popular in the UK. Ordinary people would compete to become pop stars by trying to win as many votes as possible from the general public. The promotion on these smarties tubes was a chance to win one of 10 VIP tickets to the final of 2004's show and the opportunity to meet the finalists them-selves. All you had to do was see if there was anything printed inside. I didn't find out if my tube was a winner, as I never opened it! Best before 01/08/2004.  
Two things are diiferent on this tube. Firstly, the Nestle emblem to the left of the tube has been reshaped and smudged slightly to give it a dynamic look. Secondly, all the lids are now orange...NO MORE different coloured lids!!! The lid on the POP IDOL tube was also orange. Disaster for all lid collectors. Best before 01/10/2004.
This standard tube is exactly the same as the last...except that a time is now printed on the base of the tube, along with the usual best before date and serial number. Best before 01/01/2005.
Another link up DISNEY PIXAR, this time using their new film THE INCREDIBLES as the link. There were 10 'VIP MISSIONS' to PIXAR STUDIOS (San Fransisco) to be won, as well as 25000 'incredible' FM scanner radios. All you had to do was to send a SMS Text Message to the prize draw telephone number, or register on-line. There was a unique code on each tube, as well as other Nestle Rowntree products. There was a plug for the film ' IN CINEMAS 26.11.04'. Best before 01/10/05.
A Christamas special. This tube was released over the 2004 Christmas period. It contained red, green and white coloured smarties made of white chocolate. The lids were also white, but this wasn't so special as the smarctic frostbite tubes had exactly the same lids. Best before 01/10/2005.
'Black and White smarties. Someone's nicked the colour...find it to win a Sony PlayStation Portable. 200 to be won instantly.' These are the words written on the front of the latest link up with SONY. If you were expecting a different flavour with the black smarties, you'd be disappointed...and that's the same with the white ones too. The lids are also white, just like the Christmas tube lids. If you find a coloured smartie, then you are a winner. Best before 01/03/2006.
The standard design tubes have had exclusively orange lids since about 2003. However, Nestle started a limited run of different coloured lids again! Orange ones were still available, but they also produced bright red, a pink lid like the old smartian lids, white lids like the Christmas tube lids and some other colours that I have never seen before; metallic blue, pea green and gold. Click the box to see them. Best before 01/05/2006. Click the tube. There was also an internet offer connected with these tubes and the lids. Click here to see.
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