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Last Updated 14/02/2008

    You can now email me without having to memorise the address. Just click the        
    linked text throughout the site.  
    Just done some site maintainance and corrected some spelling mistakes.

    See bottom of page four for new tube update.  
    Also, see the 'OTHER WRAPPERS' page.

I have just managed to buy the latest and white smarties. See the tube on page 4 of the UK tubes pages.

1) I have just added an extra page, which is linked to the white smarties tube text on page one. It shows the rotator tube and some other content. It's well worth a look.
2) A couple of days ago I also updated the magic tubes text and images on page 3 and the related tube link.

1) Check text for the zapping orange tube on page one. You can now click part of it and see an orange zapper that I have just added to my collection.  
2) I have also added to the content for the smartian tube on page two. There are now three pieces of text that are linked to other pages. I have added a page with three
 smartian figures.  

1) I have added a 1980's box (not tube) to the 'other wrappers' page.
2) I have also again updated the magic tube text on page 3, and the content when you click on the magic tube itself. I have just aquired a couple more tubes from the magic tubes set.
3) There is a new tube added to page 2. It is one of the old brown standard tubes, best before 1 JUN 96. I just aquired it in a bulk purchase of old tubes and boxes.  

MONDAY 23rd MAY 2005
I have put the first two items on the foreign tubes / wrappers page. They are French wrappers from this year. You can click the images to see further content.

Saturday 18th JUNE 2005
It's been a while. All I have done today is to tweak a few links and correct some image problems.
1) The RUGRATS tubes on page 2 are all now loaded properly and in the correct order.
2) The SMARTIAN lids page which is linked to the SMARTIANS tube on page 2 is also    upto date with all the different lids in my collection.
3) Some minor text corrections here and there. I have also now got sealed tubes from as early as October 1999. See page 3 of the tubes pages. My memory was clearly  playing tricks on me as I thought that the plastic seals around the lids were  introduced much later.  

Thursday 23rd JUNE 2005
See bottom of page four for new lids update.  

Sunday 26th JUNE 2005
I have now added the retail price for various tubes where known.The prices are shown in red.  

Sunday 7th August 2005
I have added more text in relation to the new lid colours on standard tubes. See the bottom of page four.
My scanner is out of action so there are no images of the new lids or other items yet to feature on this site.  

Friday 19th August 2005
I am currently advertising two tubes for sale, so I have added a 'TUBES FOR SALE' item at the top of page 1. This last for ten days only, and the item will be removed after this period unless I decide to sell more tubes.

Saturday 27th August 2005
I have finished off page four of my main tubes pages and have now started page five. The main news is the release of the HEXATUBE. Annoyingly, I cannot scan one in as my scanner is broken.

Monday 5th September 2005
If you click on the zapper tube from 1994, you will see that I have added some text in
relation to the lid.
There are no new images yet as I still have problems with my scanner. However, I have
 a new one on the way, so watch this space.

Sunday 11th September 2005
I have added a WANTED page.
I have also re-vamped my contact page and turned it into a links page.
Some other cosmetic / practical changes not worth detailing.

Wednesday 5th October 2005
I have updated my wanted page. I have obtained some tubes from the 1980's that will
take their place on page one of this site very soon. Keep watching.
As well as removing items from the wanted page, I have also added some. Take a
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UK Tubes 1  2  3  4  5


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