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Last updated  Friday 29/02/2008
Wednesday 18th October 2006
I created a new page recently showcasing the designs that have been printed onto the actual Smarties. I have updated this page with the 'SECRETS' edition Smarties, which you can also find in the 'Other Smarties Wrappers' section on page one of 'Bags'.

Sunday 29th October 2006
I have added a Smartians box to the mini-box page. Over the coming weeks I plan to update this page with more boxes.
Also, keep your eyes on the International Tubes / Wrappers page. I will add some items to it tomorrow.

Monday 30th October 2006
There is now a page dedicated to French Smarties items. You can access it by visiting the 'International Tubes / Wrappers' page.

Wednesday 1st November 2006
I have just added some VERY old Smarties to the 'Smarties Designs' page. Forget old blue Smarties. I've got LIGHT BROWN. They haven't been produced in 16 years!

Friday 3rd November 2006
Had a busy evening...
1) The 'Other UK Wrappers / Products' section is now updated.
    a) The 'Bags' sub-section is rebuilt and up to date.
    b) There is a new 'bars' sub-section
    c) There is a new sub-section called 'Novelty Sweets, Buscuits, Cakes...and Pumpkins'
2) There is a new page for Canadian Smarties. Go to the International Tubes / Wrappers section.

Sunday 12th November 2006
I am re-launching my International Smarties Tubes / Wrappers page. The home page is in the same place, but the content has been massively increased. There are still a few items to update, but there is a lot to take in as it is, and I will hopefully have the whole section up to date over the next few days.

Monday 20th November 2006
I am now officially unveiling my MASSIVELY updated and expanded page dedicated to mini or 'fun-size' boxes. There are loads to look at, and still a few more to come. I have added some sets new to me, but I have also completed some of my previously incomplete sets. Take a look by visiting the 'Other UK Smarties Wrappers / Packaging' section.

Tuesday 21st November 2006
I have now completed my French Smarties Mini / Fun size box set from 2005. Go to the French Smarties page to see the it.

Sunday 26th November 2006
1) I have added some further items to my mini / fun size boxes page (including E.T. designs from 1982!).
2) I recently added some badges to the BLUE IS BACK tube, which appears on page 1 of UK Tubes.  

Tuesday 15th January 2008
TWO years since my last update (well...14 months).
BLUE is back!!!!! (again)
See the Smarties design page.
Also, tube gallery 5 will be updated soon. You will find that bits of it don't work at the moment. More soon...

Wednesday 16th January 2008
Tube gallery number 5 now works (I had to rebuild it from scratch!).
There are also three new hexatubes on there...

Friday 1st February 2008
ZAPPING orange Smartie added to the 1994 tube on page 1 of the tubes section. I have also added it to the Smarties Designs page. Had it in my collection for a while, just never got round to scanning it!

Thursday 14th February 2008
I have just gained a significant piece of history in the form of a 1940's 1/4lb box. This has prompted me to totally re-build my LARGE / 160g BOXES page. The page now contains a lot more images and information. You can access it via the main Other UK Wrappers page or directly here.  

Friday 29th February 2008 (It's a leap year!)
Another historic addition to my collection. I have managed to get my hands on a tube I knew must exist, but have never seen one until recently. Best before 01/07/1989. I have added it to page 1 of the UK Tubes Galleries.
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