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Last Updated - 14/02/2008
Sunday 2nd April 2006
1) I have been doing some extensive refurbishment of the whole site. There are now more options from a lot of pages and images, making it easier to navigate around the site. I have also repaired a lot of links that had become outdated as the site has grown.
2) The LIDS page is now a lot better, with renewed images that are now linked to various pages around the site.
3) I have added some more items to the 'Other Smarties Wrappers' page and to the 'International Tubes / Wrappers' pages. These will continue to be updated over the coming weeks.
4) I have introduced some coloured backgrounds on the main pages. I think these make it easier to read the text as the black on white can be a bit harsh on the eye.

Tuesday 4th April 2006
I've added a smarties tube charity page. Click and see.

Sunday 16th April 2006
I have added a 1970's tube to my collection. It's the only example I own from that era. See it on page one of the UK Tubes pages.
I have also been upgrading some more images, especially lids.

Wednesday 20th September 2006
1) I have just heard that SMARTIES production may now move to Germany, with a loss of jobs at UK production site, ie the old ROWNTREE factory in York...the place that made Smarties a household name.
2) I have added another HEXATUBE. This one contains Smarties with NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS!

Friday 22nd September 2006
1) This site has grown so big that I have now added a HOME page. This means that the first page of UK tubes is no longer the official home page. It was getting very cluttered. Once the new page is listed and being used by everyone I will be able to de-clutter the old home page. I am doing my best to change all the links. If you find any that are broken or take you to the wrong place, please feel free to report them.  
2) There is also a new page for the actual sweets...smarties.
Both of these pages are not finished yet, but are well on the way.
3) I have also replaced the Smarties Mini-Boxes page, which had broken beyond repair. It is now better than ever! Again, just a few items to update so it is not quite finished yet.

Saturday 23rd September 2006
I have now finished (for now) the following pages;
1) The HOME page
2) The Smarties page
3) The mini-boxes page (accessed through the 'Other Smarties Wrappers' page
4) The SWAPS page
When I say finished, I mean that all the content is there and ALL the pictures are linked up. There is some new content on all these pages. As always, these pages will probably get updated and tweaked in the future.

Monday 25th September 2006
I have just added a new box to the mini-box page in the 'Other Smarties Wrappers' section. So what I hear you cry! You might want to find it, click the box and see what's going on...!

Wednesday 27th September 2006
I have added a new Hexatube to page 5 of UK tubes. It's confirmed, there are now only seven colours!

Thursday 28th September 2006
Some have you may have spotted it already as there has been an icon on the HOME page for a few days. However, I have now provisionally finished the first two pages of the Smarties HISTORY section. There are at least two more pages to go and I will probably revise the first two pages over the coming weeks, though I am pretty happy with the content as it stands.

Saturday 30th September 2006
I have updated my Smartian lids images for the 1995/96 Smatian tubes. I now have five more lids thanks to someone who contacted me through this site. I still need four more though to complete the set. The images are a lot better than the previous ones and the page layout is vastly improved. The same goes for the site's main lids page.

Sunday 1st October 2006
I added a guestbook last night, but it is now properly set up. Leave a message if you like. You can leave them for me to say anything you like. It would be nice to know where all you visitors are from. Alternatively, you could leave messages for eachother if you're into that sort of thing. Now you can have your own input on this site!

Wednesday 4th October 2006
i)  I have changed the images on the Soccer lids page from the 1999/2000 Soccer Special tubes. This page is vastly improved, and you can now easily see what I have and what is missing.
ii)  I have improved the layout of the original home page, page one of UK tubes BUT the counter has broken! It went duff after 13000 hits on a particularly busy night when AOL decided to restrict the bandwidth of the site. I am now looking at relocating this whole site to a better place. I have bought a domain name: ''
If I can figure out how to use some different software I may start moving this site a page at a time. It's a big task, so I am hoping that AOL can show some understanding and ease the restrictions on this site.We'll see how things go over the next few weeks.

Thursday 5th October 2006
I have updated my 'WANTED'. You may want to take a look, as there are images of some seriously old tubes on there. The only thing is, I only have the images...

Sunday 8th October 2006
1) Pages 3 and 4 are pretty much finished in the SMARTIES HISTORY section.
2) I have added a link on the Home Page to what could become my new site. Nothing on it yet though, but make a note of the URL if you click the link and add it to your favourites. It could be the main page soon.

Monday 9th October 2006
1) The link to my possible future website has been updated, outlining what may happen and why.
2) I have updated page 4 of the History section. There will be other pages to follow...

Tuesday 17th October 2006
Just added a new link to the LINKS page. If you didn't realise I had one take a look. Anyway, there is a new site called Smarties - From Around The World. It's not finished yet, but then neither is my site. Take a look.


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