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UPDATED 29/02/2008
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1. Do you have Smarties items?
2. Are they on my site?
3. If not, I would be interested!

If you have any of the below, or ANYTHING else to do with Smarties please let me know if you want to sell / swap.
Have you got tubes, boxes or pictures with this design. I don't! Let me know if you want to get rid of yours.
What about this tube? It's got a paper tear-off lid!
This tube is from around 1998. It would appear before the Rugrats tube on page 3 of my site...if I had it! I pinched this image off Martin's Smartie Museum...only until I get a tube of my own though. Martin gave his collection away. Who's got it? And are they willing to part with this tube? Can anyone help?
This image is from my site because I have some of these. However, not all magic tricks tubes are the same. There are different tricks printed inside the tubes. See the ones I have, then contact me if you find the ones I don't have...please. Basically I need tricks 3,4,8,10,11,14,16,
This is an image of a standard tube from my gallery, but I have stretched the image. The reason I have done this is that tubes with a best before date of 01/08/2001 and onwards were a larger size. I have a couple of special edition tubes of this type with the chocolate effect writing, but what I don't have is a standard tube like this. I don't know for certain that they exist, but if they do they will have a best before date somewhere between 01/08/2001 and 01/04/2002.
Mini Boxes: I never used to collect these, but as my collection grew I aquired a few. I know there are loads of different sets to collect with different designs on the reverse. Go to the mini box page and see if you can help me out.
There was a certificate placed in each of the last 100 tubes to leave the Nestle Rowntree factory in York. Each certificate had a unique number of between 1 to 100. Do you have one, or know who has one? I only know of three so far, but the people who have them are extremely unlikely to part with them. If you know anyone who wants to sell me their certificate, contact me
Lids. Not just any lids though!

There are the football lids for instance. You can see what lids I have when you look at the football tube from BB December 2000. I have at least one of each design, but I would like all of the designs in all of the colours. Please help me reach my goal! See the lids I have here.  

Then there are the smartian lids BB 01/01/1996. There are eight designs in four different colours. I have all eight designs in yellow and pink, but I have designs missing in the other two colours, orange and green. It would be good to complete the rest of the set with each of the eight designs in all four of the colours. The designs can be seen on this site by clicking on the text next to the smartians tube. Or you can just click here


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