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Last Updated : 05/11/2006
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Contact me if you need to know anything or if you can help me with my Smarties collection. Just click this link:
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Smarties - From Around The World Here's a brand new site. Launched on 17/10/2006. The lady who runs this site supplied me with a few of my 1980's tubes and the odd lid or two, plus a few overseas Smarties tubes, which I still need to update! Welcome to the club! This site is well worth a vistit. It is a new site (OCTOBER 2005) and is bang upto date in relation to tubes and lids. Infact, as the name suggests, this is a lids site. The guy who set this site up is mad about lids and intends to use the site to expand his collection and also to connect other collectors so that they can complete theirs. Visit the site, see what is on it and what's not, compare it to your collection, make contact and get swapping!
Martin's Smartie Museum. A good place to visit for in-depth research on lids and other smarties related items. Follow this link
smarties This is the official Nestle Smarties site for the UK. It has all the latest offers and promotions.
There are a couple of sites here that I think are worthy of note, not because I agree with the content, but because they show the public opinion at the time the tubes and lids were axed...and they were a bit of fun aswell !
The Official Smarties Fanlisting Just a fanlisting, but apparently an official one!?!


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